Did they break the record?

After setting an astounding 147 km/L record in the last Yamaha Sight Saferun in Legazpi, the challenge continues in Naga, Camarine Sur. Yamaha Motor Philippines and Motortrade hosted the second leg of the Yamaha Sight Saferun in Naga, in an effort to showcase how the Sight's technology and practical design can efficiently use every drop of fuel. The Yamaha Sight easily achieves this thanks to its fuel injection and complementary disc brake that assists with the overall efficiency. 

SAFE Run Naga challenges 147 km/L record set in Legazpi image

For 190 kilometers, the riders had the chance to beat the existing record. The starting point was in RevZone Naga, then 40 kilometers onward to Petron Sipocot. At the 96 kilometer mark, they reached the Yamaha 3S Shop in Daet. By the 152 kilometer mark, they looped back to Sipocot, for another 196 kilometers to Petron San Jose.

Upon reaching the end, the seals on the tanks were broken as the bikes were refilled and their fuel efficiency figures were measured. It was evident that the Naga riders tried their very best to get as close as they could to the existing record. Though unable to shatter the record, Noli Magistrado bested the pack with 139.13 km/L. Junmark Geronimo placed second with 137.14 km/L, followed by Jeorge Michael Rana with 130.61 km/L.

SAFE Run Naga challenges 147 km/L record set in Legazpi image

With the top finishers from the previous legs determined, the finals are on the horizon. Will a new record be set? Find out on May 26,2019