Another Mio launched

Yamaha Motor Philippines adds yet another member to the already large Mio family with its latest scooter, the Mio Gear.

The Mio Gear was designed specifically with the urban environment in mind. As such, it’s packed with high-tech, functional, and resilient features and amenities to easily take on anything the city can through at you.

The Mio Gear is a 125cc automatic scooter that is narrow but peppy, rugged, but also customizable and versatile to suit riders’ varying needs.

Yamaha’s Mio Gear is a scratch-proof, techie toy image

The Gear sports a slim and compact design making it easy to navigate through tight spaces. It features LED lighting, with separate turn signals lower on the body. The turn signals also come with a built-in hazard light function in case of emergencies.

Yamaha is well aware of how challenging the city streets are, from tight confines to sardine-like parking spaces. As such, it’s fitted the Mio with scratch protection panels on the sides and less painted parts to take on these challenges with little trouble

The rider gets a slip-resistant footboard with deep grooves to ensure the rides gets a firm grip even when it’s raining. The footboard stretches backward, forming a rider side backstep that slides up toward the seat, giving the rider more flexibility with foot position, or the pillion another option to rest their feet.

The conveniences don’t end there. Yamaha has fitted a 12-volt power socket to easily charge gadgets on the go. There’s also a double hook system (one on the front and one under the seat) to accommodate bags or other belongings. When it comes to finding your Mio Gear in a crowded parking space, simply take advantage of the Answer Back system, also fitted as standard.

Yamaha’s Mio Gear is a scratch-proof, techie toy image

Those that opt for the higher S model get even more features. One of these is the new Stop & Start system which automatically turns off the engine when idling for a few seconds and save on gas. This is made possible by the new Blue Core engine with Smart Motor Generator (SMG) which allows it to easily start back up again with little vibration, and thus, smoother and quieter operation. Another S variant exclusive is reflectorized graphics that shine even brighter when light is focused on them.

For those that aren’t satisfied with stock, Yamaha also offers exclusive accessories for the Gear. One of these is Rear Carrier package which includes a rack and rear top box to expand the cargo capacity. There’s also the Console Box upgrade which expands storage on the front shield with a closed compartment. Finally, there’s also front footrests, which offer steel footpegs outside the already wide footboard for an even more relaxing position and more usable space.

Yamaha’s Mio Gear is a scratch-proof, techie toy image

Propelling the Mio is a 125cc single cylinder Blue Core engine that produces 9.4 PS at 8,000 rpm and 9.6 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Paired with a 4.2 liter tank, and that amounts to a lot of rides around the city.

Speaking of ride, it rolls on 14-inch wheels with tubeless tires. They’re brought to a stop with a disc in front and drum at the rear.

The Mio Gear offers a 750 mm seat height, making it accessible for most pinoys. It’s also light, tipping the scales between 95 and 96 kg.

Yamaha’s Mio Gear is a scratch-proof, techie toy image

The Mio Gear comes in two variants, with the standard model priced at PhP75,900 and available in Off White and Matte Grey. The Mio Gear S is priced at PhP79,900 and comes in Matte Blue and Matte Black.

Best of all, the Mio Gear is assembled in the Philippines from a Completely Knocked-Down (CKD) kit. You can catch it an all Yamaha dealers nationwide in the first week of September.