One for everyone

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. will be participating in the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight from October 24 (Thu.) to November 4 (Mon.). Located in the venue’s West Hall 2, the theme of the Yamaha Motor booth will be “There Is Greater Joy Yet to Come - ART for Human Possibilities.”

A total of 18 models - including six world premiere models and two Japan premiere models - will be on display, including motorcycles, Leaning Multi-Wheelers (LMW), electric commuter vehicles, electrically power-assisted bicycles and an unmanned autonomous vehicle solution. The booth will also introduce the company’s technological developments and more aimed toward 2030 under their Long-Term Vision of “ART for Human Possibilities.”

While we have yet to receive word about any updates to the MOTOROiD (pictured above) self-riding electric motorcycle, there are some interesting alternatives, at least. Easily the most interesting of the 18 models to be featured are four electric motorcycles Yamaha plans to exhibit.

Yamaha readies electric concepts for 2019 Tokyo Motor Show image


The E01 is an urban commuter model (power output comparable to a 125cc scooter engine) and is fast-charge compatible. It provides plenty of range, comfort and more when going from one area of the city to another. Combining Yamaha’s scooter and EV technologies, it brings practicality for everyday use as well as a quality ride exceeding that of conventional scooters. In addition to excellent comfort, it features a design that expressively highlights a new generation of sporty styling.

Yamaha readies electric concepts for 2019 Tokyo Motor Show image


The E02 is a next-generation electric commuter bike (power output comparable to a 50cc scooter engine), designed to be a great choice for personal mobility in cities. It features a compact, lightweight and easy-to-handle vehicle body and comes with an easily removable battery. With a focus on providing the smooth ride EVs are known for, it offers new value for electric mobility by adding even more fun and giving it a more familiar feel. The exterior design also visually accentuates the battery and electric motor comprising the powertrain, hinting at the light and agile ride it provides. We’ve mentioned this model before as the product of a collaboration between Yamaha and Gogoro.

Yamaha readies electric concepts for 2019 Tokyo Motor Show image


Based on the popular retro-pop-styled Vino 50cc scooter, this electric commuter model offers a smooth ride that only an EV can provide. Its main features include the smooth feeling of acceleration, plenty of usable torque at very low speeds and an easily removable battery. It also has two running modes to suit riding conditions as well as a boost function to provide extra power for climbing up hills.

Yamaha readies electric concepts for 2019 Tokyo Motor Show image


The Tritown will also be present. This compact electric vehicle with twin front wheels is ridden standing up and utilizes Yamaha’s Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) mechanisms. The simple construction has the rider use their own sense of balance to control the vehicle, making short-range mobility a fun and exciting experience. The light, compact body and intuitive controls make it usable for a wide range of people. It is currently being field-tested at leisure facilities, parks and the like in Japan to ascertain its feasibility as a product, ability to attract customers, its competitiveness in the micromobility field, and more.

These models show Yamaha’s strong commitment to go electric in the very near future, particularly with features like removable batteries and futuristic design to get customers more interested and ease fears of range anxiety. We'll be attending the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show in person so stay glued to this site for updates.