Will the champ take a back seat?

Just a few weeks ago, three-time MotoGP World Champion, Jorge Lorenzo, announced his retirement. Yet he might not be gone for that long.

Yamaha offering Lorenzo test role for 2020 MotoGP season image

The retirement took effect at the end of the 2019 Valencia Grand Prix. Lorenzo cited difficulty adapting to the Honda RC213V and various injury problems. The former World Champion concluded the 2019 MotoGP season outside of the top 10 championship point leaders.

This left a seat for Alex Marquez, the younger brother of reigning world champ, Marc Marquez, to join the Honda team. While Honda may have quickly filled in his spot, it seems his former team is keen to have him back, according to Motorsport.com

While neither Yamaha nor Lorenzo have specifically confirmed this, it seems the stars could be aligning.

Yamaha offering Lorenzo test role for 2020 MotoGP season image

This site points to clues like Yamaha boss, Lin Jarvis, confirming in Valencia that a global Yamaha test team will be formed from the Japanese test team with a European rider.

As for Lorenzo, he told Austria's Servus TV this week that he will be back in the paddock in 2020, but has yet to specify in what role exactly.

Despite the possible offer, it seems like Lorenzo is in no rush to sign. The former champ has been enjoyed his freer schedule and lack of pressure.

“I've traveled so much, 17 years of my life, always been in the same hotels, on the same tracks, in the same places, doing the same thing... when you then get the opportunity to live a little more freely and calmly, as I can now, then you naturally take advantage of that and enjoy that you have no pressure and see what life brings."

Lorenzo spent nine years as a Yamaha rider in MotoGP, making his debut with the team in 2008, and won all three of his premier class titles on the YZF-M1 in 2010, 12 and '15.