OLX ranks most searched motorcycle models

Among used motorcycle buyers, the Yamaha Mio, it seems, is the most desirable model. This data was revealed by OLX Philippines, based on searches from Jan. 1, 2018 to November 21, 2018.

The data is revealing of customer's perception of the value of the Yamaha model, even when used. It also shows a growing market shift toward the AT segment from the formerly leading moped/underbone segment.

Coming in second is the Suzuki Raider, still a leader in the underbone segment owing to its sportiness, customizability, and plethora of aftermarket parts.

The third most searched is Ducati. OLX had not indicated which model in particular. The site instead suggested that, “internet users have been curious about aspirational brands Ducati, Vespa, and Harley-Davidson.”

In fourth place is the Yamaha Nmax, which continues to return good resale value even when used, and is also easily customizable. “Kawasaki,” with no particular model mentioned, rounds up the top five. The only other specific models searched for are the Yamaha Aerox (6th place) and Yamaha Sniper (9th place).

Brands like Rusi, Vespa, and Harley-Davidson were ranked 7th, 8th, and 10th respectively. Curiously, market leader, Honda, is absent from the top ten.

Yamaha Mio is most-searched used motorcycle

OLX notes that, “when it comes to motorcycle body types, many users searched for 'scooter' followed by 'big bike,' '400cc,' and 'café racer.'”

Based on the site's top search terms, it appears the market for motorcycles is growing, with those who already have ready to move up to bigger bikes.

“The most-searched list, which has some regulars and new nameplates, reveals consumers’ preference in 2018. Because of the upswing in motorcycle demand, the first-ever roundup of the most popular motorbike brands and models in terms of search this year is also available,” said Manuel Roman, OLX Philippines’ Head of Cars. “We value our customers’ needs, so we make sure we are leading in both volume and quality of listings. Our platform should be able to help people find the ride they are looking for, whether it’s a car or a motorcycle.”

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