New Yamaha R15s debut in India

After months of speculation, as well as leaked photos, Yamaha of India has officially launched the much-awaited R15M and R15 version 4 (v4).

These two models improve upon the already well-received R15 v3, offering riders a further evolution in performance.

New for Version 4

Both the R15 and R15M v4 draw inspiration from Yamaha’s R7, as well as their MotoGP race bikes. On the outside, the bodies look considerably bigger than the outgoing R15, and are now equipped with features that are usually found on bigger and more expensive models.

For starters, Yamaha ditched the ordinary telescopic for KYB inverted forks and a new aluminum swingarm is also installed on both the R15M and R15 v4. This brings the total weight of the bike to 142 kilograms. Putting power to the ground is a wider rear wheel. The new bikes are also equipped with a quickshifter – an apparatus that allows the rider to change gears without the need to pull the clutch or close the throttle.

Both the R15 and R15M v4 also boast dual-channel ABS, traction control, a slip and assist clutch, LED lighting, and a fully digital panel screen. Both bikes are now Bluetooth enabled, allowing the rider to pair his or her smartphone with the bike. They can also integrate with Yamaha’s app to manage and even track the bike’s fuel consumption and performance.

Pricing starts at INR 177,800 or roughly PHP 121,000.