Campaign celebrates 12 years of AT dominance

To celebrate 12 years of dominating the local AT scooter segment since 2007, Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. launches its latest campaign for its top-selling scooter line, the Mio series.

Dominating this class every year, Yamaha enters 2019 with a 62% market share of the AT scooter segment. Of all the motorcycles sold in the Philippines AT scooters make up 43% percent.

Yamaha hopes to celebrate this milestone with the buyers who have made this possible. As such, its new campaign is now called, “For the #1 in Everyone.”

To lead this campaign, Yamaha continues to stand behind actor, racer and adrenaline junkie, Matteo Guidicelli, who is endorsing the Mio Aerox 155. New to the campaign are the addition of three more celebrity endorsers, each representing one of the Mio models.

Yamaha launches new Mio campaign and endorsers image

For the Mio i125, Yamaha has tapped Asia’s Next Top Model winner, Maureen Wroblewitz. For the Mio Sporty, it is YouTube sensation, TJ Monteverde. For the Mio Soul i125, endorsing it is gamer and cosplayer, Alodia Gosienfiao.

Yamaha presented the new endorsers at an exclusive event to the media, where the new campaign advertisements were also screened.

Since 2007, Yamaha has been leading the country in providing automatic motorcycle models and has shaped thousands of people’s lives with, not just a daily mode of transport but a projection of character.

Yamaha will soon roll out the new Mio campaign in the form of advertisements and collateral material.

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