New Euro5-compliant Yamaha MT-10 coming

Back in 2005, Yamaha launched the 1,670cc MT-01. Many believed that it rekindled rider interest in muscle bikes, which are basically big bikes with even larger engines than the rest.

Yamaha updates MT-10 for 2022MY image

With its naked body, high-torque engine and distinctive look, it stood out from the crowd. It was the beginning of a new era in the motorcycle world that really took off with the launch of the similarly successful MT-09 in 2013.

With an R1-derived engine, the MT-10 also debuted shortly and this hyper-naked motorcycle became one of Yamaha’s most successful models to date.

New for 2022

Yamaha updates MT-10 for 2022MY image

To safeguard its position on the top, the MT-10 has received some upgrades for 2022MY onwards.

According to Yamaha, the 2022MY MT-10’s inline-4 crossplane engine is now Euro5-compliant and is refined further to deliver more power and torque vs the outgoing version.

Yamaha updates MT-10 for 2022MY image

The 2022 update also benefits from lightweight aluminum forged pistons, offset connecting rods and direct-plated cylinders in order to ensure maximum efficiency, and has a number of new model-specific features that are designed to enhance the feeling of torque.

To boost the road-focused midrange, steel connecting rods are used rather than the titanium components used on the R1, and the moment of inertia at the crankshaft is increased.

The new MT-10 also features a new titanium exhaust system, compact new twin-eye mono-focus LED headlights with separate high and low beam and enlarged ducts to increase air intake efficiency.

Yamaha updates MT-10 for 2022MY image

For improved comfort together with greater freedom in adopting different riding styles, the 2022 model’s ‘rider triangle’ – the bar/footrest/seat relationship – has also been improved. Other features include a quickshifter as standard, 4.2-inch TFT screen, ride-by-wire with four power delivery modes, and many more.

Yamaha updates MT-10 for 2022MY image

The new MT-10 will be available in three colors: Cyan Storm, Icon Blue and Tech Black. PH availability is to be determined as of this writing.