North loop route spans over a thousand kilometers

The Yamaha Club conducted the first leg of Tour De Rev last May 18. The activity hopes to unite riders on the roads of the Philippines. This three-part activity begins with its Luzon edition. Riders from the region gathered in the Yamaha Flagship Shop, Yzone, which served as the starting point of the trip. The ride was a long and enjoyable 13-hour trip to Banaue that allowed everyone to feel the full capacity of Yamaha Motorcycles; and that was only Day 1 of this awesome adventure.

Yamaha Club begins Tour De Rev in Banaue

Day 2 began with a joyride amidst the backdrop of the beautiful scenery of Banaue; with its awe-inspiring rice terraces and pine-lined peaks. The group then took on a 12-hour journey to La Union, on the west side of Luzon,  where they hung out at Octane Beach.

Yamaha Club begins Tour De Rev in Banaue

On the final day, the group headed back to Manila. Though some participants resided in Baguio and Pangasinan and could have separated to head home, they still finished the whole trip, spanning over a thousand kilometers. In spite of the long ride, many of the riders still expressed elation after the trip. 

The next edition of Tour De Rev will be in the region of Mindanao, slated in July.