Yamaha updates the XSR900 with classic 80s race bike design

Introduced in 2016, the XSR900 receives another update for the 2024 model year from Yamaha. This time, the XSR900 will pay homage to the classic 80s race bikes from which Yamaha won 6 Grand Prix titles.


Yamaha announces 2024 XSR900 GP image

For 2024, the nod to Yamaha's racing tradition takes another leap with the introduction of the new XSR900 GP, which pays homage to some of the most celebrated race machines from Yamaha's illustrious past in a way never seen before in the Sports Heritage range.

Combining a sense of 1980s Grand Prix nostalgia with the very latest technology including the iconic, torque-rich 890cc CP3 engine, R1-derived six-axis IMU and lean-sensitive rider aids, the XSR900 GP embodies Yamaha’s Racing history without sacrificing modern-day performance.

Yamaha announces 2024 XSR900 GP image

The XSR900 GP features an upper cowling reminiscent of this era, not only with a clear influence from the 1980s YZR Grand Prix bikes but also with notes of the FZR and TZR production sports machines of the late 1980s and early 1990s. To maintain the race-bike look, the XSR900’s round LED headlamp is replaced by a compact lens module, neatly hidden in the front cowling, creating a sense of unity with the front fairing while maintaining excellent illumination.

The bodywork is not only a symbol of the past in looks alone, but the method in which it is fixed in position is also inspired by the 1980s, with a tubed structure connecting the cowling to the frame and straight brackets supporting the dash creating a rider's view with a genuine golden era feel.

Separate 'clip-on' handlebars add to the racer-style cockpit and offer a sportier riding experience.

Yamaha announces 2024 XSR900 GP image

The revised handlebars drastically change the riding position from the XSR900, moving the rider further forward on the machine into a sportier riding position, increasing the load on the front to offer the more precise feeling expected from a race-style machine.

However, since the model is not purely focused on racing or circuit riding, care has been taken to ensure the riding position does not lean forward excessively, instead offering a balance that can be enjoyed on the road without discomfort. The comfort is emphasized via a thicker, more supportive seat.

While the design cues were inspired by Yamaha’s winning race bikes from the 80s, the XSR900 GP is still equipped with all the bells and whistles of a modern XSR900, which include a fully digital screen with Bluetooth connectivity, riding modes, cruise control, quick-shifter, high-end braking components and KYB suspension system, and many more.

Yamaha announces 2024 XSR900 GP image

The new XSR900 GP will be available in two colors: Legend Red and Power Grey. Delivery dates to dealers and prices vary per region. You may contact Yamaha Motors Philippines' official social media page for more information.