DOTr still requires helmets and barrier for riders

Just a few days ago, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) issued a memo that would make it mandatory for all commuters – who utilize any form of public transport – to wear a face shield. The memo comes on the heels of the Philippiens breaching 100,000 COVID-19 cases and the reimposition of modified enhancecd community quarantine (MECQ). 

Will the government soon require face shields for motorcycle riders? image

This face shield requirement will be worn on top of the already existing facemask requirement whenever someone boards a public utility vehicle.

Motorcycle riders are currently required to wear a helmet, as well as a fit a backrider shield when carrying a pillion rider (which was unanimously slammed by the motorcycle community, safety riding experts, motorcycle manufacturers, and engineering experts).

Given this new requirement, will us motorcycle riders also be required to wear a face shield while riding in the future? Rumors began to surface – whether as a joke or speculation – that it could be required for motorcycle riders. To clear any confusion, we asked the DOTr if motorcycle riders will be included in the discussions regarding the face shield requirement.

Will the government soon require face shields for motorcycle riders? image

Helmets po ang sa [motorcycle] riders and barriers (Helmets and barriers are required for motorcycle riders),” said DOTr assistant secretary, Goddess Hope Libiran.

For now, this should clear any fears that there might be a future face shield requirement for riders and their pillions, which will be more absurd than the backride shield itself.