ADV150's bigger brother unveiled by Honda

About a month ago, we received reports that Honda could be unveiling a 350cc brother to the ADV150. Now, Honda has confirmed those speculations and has officially unveiled the ADV350 scooter.

X-ADV inspired

ADV350 in the PH soon? image

Like the ADV150 we have here in the country, the ADV350 is inspired by the abomination of a scooter X-ADV 750 that claimed the Class 2 victory at the grueling 7,000-kilometer 2019 Gibraltar Race.

The ADV350 mixes the tough adventure style of the bigger X-ADV sibling with a rugged chassis spec that includes a tubular steel frame, 37mm USD forks, and rear shocks with a remote reservoir.

330cc engine and other features

ADV350 in the PH soon? image

At the heart of the ADV350 lies a liquid-cooled, 330cc engine that produces a healthy 31 Ps (29 Hp) of power and 31.5 Nm of torque, with the rear wheel grip managed by Honda Selectable Torque Control or HSTC (traction control). To enhance piston cooling, an oil jet, as used on the CRF450R, sprays oil right to the back of the piston, advancing ignition timing and improving combustion performance.

ADV350 in the PH soon? image

The screen’s height is adjustable, while the under-seat storage has plenty of room for two full-face helmets. Plus, a USB Type-C socket can be found in the glove box.

ADV350 in the PH soon? image

The LCD dash integrates the Honda Smartphone Voice Control system, while a Smart Key operation adds key-less start and stop. ABS comes standard.

Honda claims that the ADV350’s fuel economy is at 30-kilometers per liter, while the 11.5-liter fuel capacity theoretically has a range of more than 340-kilometers in one top-up.

PH availability

ADV350 in the PH soon? image

While we have already asked Honda PH this question before, we made another attempt on getting them to give us an answer (even a hint) of when the ADV350 will be available here in the country.

As always, our friends from Honda erred on the safe side by telling us that as of the moment, they have no info if and when the ADV350 will be sold here in the Philippines. Rest assured that we will be one of the first to spread the word once we get confirmation that the ADV350 will be sold here.