MC rights group says companies should

The topic of motorcycle courier bags continues to be a hot one. We've tackled topics like their rental and registration.

Riders slapped with P5K penalty if companies don’t register bags image

Registration is easily an issue on its own. On one hand, we have motorcycle riders saying that since these are just “bags” (e.g.: Lalabag, Grab bag, etc.), they no longer require any kind of registration. That’s also what these motorcycle courier services (office) are telling their partner riders.

On the other hand, we have the Land Transportation Office (LTO) saying that these delivery bags are considered custom top boxes or softboxes and are regulated under a memorandum dated March 15, 2016, entitled “Guidelines on inspection and apprehension relative to motorcycle top boxes and saddlebags.”

The memo explains that a “top box is a storage compartment fitted behind the seat of a motorcycle or scooter and is considered a motorcycle accessory.”

Long story short, the LTO says that these bags are regulated and should be registered. Failure to do so could result in a very painful PhP5,000 penalty.

Appeal from motorcycle rights group

Riders slapped with P5K penalty if companies don’t register bags image

Since a lot of partner-riders are now being apprehended and unfortunately being fined for their unregistered bags, rider advocate group, Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) has appealed to the management of Lalamove, FoodPanda, Grab, MoveIT, and other motorcycle courier service providers. They want these companies to help resolve this issue and protect their riders by proactively securing approval/ registration with the DTI and the LTO for these bags, which some companies say are not required but certainly make the job easier.

“Since it’s you guys (motorcycle courier service providers) who issued these bags that your partner-riders use, we think that it is just fair that you also secure the necessary approval from the DTI and LTO for those bags your riders are using,” said Jobert Bolaños of MRO.

The group added that, since these bags are not free and are being rented by the partner-riders, registration with the concerned government agencies like the LTO and DTI would protect their riders from being penalized and losing their hard-earned money.

PhP5,000 after all, could provide food on the table for several days. Losing it means the brave men and women of the motorcycle courier industry could go hungry for a few days.