Asians do it better

Just within the last 30 days or so, typhoons ravaged the northern part of Luzon and cost us millions of pesos in agricultural and property damage. As of this writing, there are still dozens of towns in Cagayan Valley, Quirino and Isabela that are impassable due to floodwaters.

And from what we've seen on the web, the Philippines is not the only country suffering from flooding. Our Malaysian brothers have also been affected by floods brought about by heavy rains.

That didn't stop these two riders from Setiu district in Terengganu, Malaysia. Instead, they have modified their motorcycles to take on the flooding.

Watch: these guys made their underbone motorcycles a submarine  image

Ikram Shahidi and Muhammad Zakaria Mat Kail Made the modifications to their Modenas Kriss 110 and Honda C70 underbone motorcycles from parts salvaged from their garage.

First of all, they raised the carburetor from its original position to a higher point. The gas tank has also been mounted on a pole. Finally, they extended the exhaust. All these modifications allow them to ride their bikes in floodwaters as high as chest-deep.

Watch: these guys made their underbone motorcycles a submarine  image

To raise the carburetor, they used what looks like a 2 to 2 ⅟₂ inch pipe, sealed by just a couple of hose clamps. They've also recycled an old plastic soda bottle to use as a makeshift fuel tank. From the video that has since gone viral online, their motorcycles managed to operate without stalling even after being completely submerged.

Perhaps they took inspiration from the Russian rider we featured just last month who turned his electric dirtbike into a submarine.