UK Police launch video about poor bike security to deter rise in riding-in-tandem crimes

The rise of motorcycle theft and motorcycle-related crime (or riding-in-tandem as it’s unfortunately called here) is becoming a big problem, whether in first world nations like the United Kingdom (UK) or third world nations like the Philippines and its neighbors. The growing traffic problem is motivating criminals to use motorcycles for perpetrating crimes because of their ability to squeeze through traffic and get away easily.

Rather than resorting to lazy, stop-gap solutions like the security checkpoints we are plagued with here, the Metropolitan Police of the UK have determined that this problem stems from motorcycles that are poorly secured when parked. To address this, they launched a campaign to show how not securing your bike properly can tempt thieves and lead to a whole host of other crimes.

The video shows the Met Police promoting their ‘Lock, Chain, Cover’ campaign with a new video that highlights the ‘Life of a Stolen Scooter.’ The video begins by showing a poorly secured motorcycle easily stolen before it is used on a rampage of phone thefts and snatchings. Police eventually intervene and use ‘tactical contact’ to arrest them. Unfortunately, several crimes have already been committed by the perpetrators at this point.

The video hopes to encourage motorcycle owners to take greater care in securing their scooters by investing in strong locks and chains to anchor the machine, plus a cover that will only make it harder to steal and deter would-be criminals from even thinking of stealing the motorcycle.

It certainly provides a new insight into why these kinds of crimes have suddenly become popular. Most disturbing is how our own carelessness may have contributed to it.

Do you think properly securing your motorcycle can reduce riding-in-tandem crimes?