Triumph ready to compete in 2024 AMA Racing Season

Back in December of 2022, UK-based Triumph Motorcycles officially announced that they will be competing in off-road racing, particularly, in Motorcross (MX), and have begun developing bikes for the task.

Less than a year later in 2023, Triumph announced their newest MX competition bike: the TF 250-X.

Just recently, Triumph announced their team that will compete at the AMA Supercross series 2024, with riders Joey Savatgy, Evan Ferry, and Jalek Swoll riding the new TF 250-X.

Savatgy joins as the most experienced on the team, with successful seasons in MX and 250 Supercross. He will be competing in the Pro MX as he is no longer eligible for the 250cc Supercross due to his past winnings.

Ferry, at 19, will be the youngest on the team. It will be his rookie season in AMA Supercross and will be competing in the 250cc East Series. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Swoll will compete in the 250cc East Division. Swoll had previous success in 2021 where he bagged the 5th overall in the 250cc West series, as well as bagging his first win at the Pro MX that season.