Suzuki Engineers talk about the development of the Raider J Crossover

Just a few months ago, Suzuki took the wraps off its new Raider J Crossover, the long overdue challenger to Honda’s dual-sport underbone, the XRM. In a recently uploaded video, Suzuki talks about the research, development, and engineering that went into creating the Raider J Crossover.

In the video, Suzuki talks with Hideshi Morii, Chief Designer; Tatsuya Nakamura, Styling Manager; and  Kaori Seki, Coloring manager about how the model came about. The trio discuss the various considerations that went into designing this unique model.

The Raider J Crossover was designed under the concept, "Expand your range." The idea was to “broaden the rider’s horizons to both paved and unpaved roads,” said Chief Designer, Morii.

The bike was intended to evoke a “slim yet powerful, nimble image,” adds Nakamura.

Watch: Suzuki Raider J Crossover made with RM-Z parts image

To relay that message, Suzuki looked no further than one of its highly successful off-road machines, the RM-Z. The RM-Z is Suzuki’s competition-focused off-road motorcycle. It’s available in both 250, and 450cc displacements. The model favored by racing teams all around the world competing in various off-road disciplines.

Before anything else, the Raider street bike, which it’s based on, had to be adjusted to meet both on-road and off-road riding requirements.

“Since we were looking for an off-road image, we used bar-type handlebars and changed the riding position to make it more comfortable,” said Morii. “Its front suspension is bigger and more rigid,” says Morii. “The rear suspension is a double tube type. This means it incorporates a damper function in both the compression and extension directions. We changed the tire pattern, building it with unpaved roads in mind, so the riding stability under those conditions is improved.”

“The front tip of the seat is enlarged, preventing the rider from pitching forward when braking,” said Nakamura. “The contours of the seat are designed in three dimensions, not just two, for a comfortable ride that keeps the knees from becoming spread too far apart.”

Watch: Suzuki Raider J Crossover made with RM-Z parts image

“The most striking features are the off-road mask and petal disc, which are a tribute to the RM-Z,” said Nakamura.

“This model uses the same materials as the RM-Z,” said Seki. “Yellow is already [synonymous] with Suzuki’s off-road models,” she adds. “In fact, the same materials with the same colors are sent to the Philippines for production.”

“This is a bike that handles great even on unpaved roads, whether you’re commuting to work or to school or whatever,” concludes Morii.

The 2020 Suzuki Raider J Crossover is now available at all authorized Suzuki dealers at PhP 63,900. The Raider J Crossover is available in red, blue, black, and this special yellow and blue livery.