Hillclimb racer blasts his way up with a BMW S1000RR-powered FIAT 600

Here in the Philippines, superbikes are a kind of novelty that only the rich can afford. If you don’t see these bikes tearing up the curves of Marilaque, they’re probably in Clark International Speedway (CIS) or Batangas Racing Circuit (BRC) practicing.

In Croatia, it seems that they do things a little bit differently with their superbikes.

Jovan Perunovic – a hillclimb racer – has swapped the puny engine of his 1950s-era FIAT 600 for a modern BMW S1000RR powerplant. The result: a fire-breathing hillclimber car with all 215 horses at the rear wheel.

At its original 1950s specs, the FIAT 600 is powered by a 633cc inline-four engine that produces about 22 Ps of power – about the same power a single-cylinder Royal Enfield Himalayan produces.

Now, with a BMW 1,000cc powerplant under the hood, Perunovic’s FIAT 600 produces about 217 Ps of power and redlines at 14,000 rpm. The car also benefits from the S1000RR’s 6-speed transmission with quickshifter.
Additional upgrades include wider wheels, full racing suspension, roll cage, and many more. They’ve also shaved the weight of this FIAT 600 hillclimber to about 580 kilos, achieving a still impressive 0.369 Ps/kg power-to-weight ratio.

This gives us an idea: an owner-type jeep with an engine from a Suzuki Hayabusa. Now that's a screamer!