Theft, recovery and return caught on video

Motorcycle riders often get a bad rap, being associated with poor driving or as treated as potential criminals. This is evidenced by the frequent police checkpoints set up exclusively for riders. Or how about the many, many local ordinances in cities, towns, barangay units or even private villages that have policies directed solely against motorcycle riders? Many force them to wear half face helmets or none at all within their respective jurisdictions, all for "security reasons.” It's sad that brcause of local law enforcement and security's inability to curb motorcycle-related crime, they simply cast a dragnet on all riders, including the innocent ones, in the hopes of catching the criminals.

One rider, however, proved that motorcycle riders are not at all bad and has risked his life to help a robbery victim along the busy EDSA.

In the video, originally uploaded by Arnel Regaton on his blog, ISTORYA, the rider was simply commuting when he chanced upon some people running the opposite direction on his side of EDSA. As it turns out, the first runner was the snatcher of a cellphone followed by the female victim, running along the plants of the central island of EDSA.

Without hesitation, he and his pillion made a U-turn in the hopes of catching up on the thief. Right after the U-turn, they caught up with the victim who said she was just robbed. After a couple of rounds along that stretch of EDSA, he and his companion finally caught sight of the thief and confronted him.

They got the phone back, contacted the owner and met up with her to return the device. When asked why he pursued the robber, considering that they may end up getting hurt in the process if the perpetrators were armed, Arnel simply replied in Filipino, “I really felt bad for the lady.”

He also added that, since he was familiar with the place, he decided to give it a shot in the hopes of catching the criminals. As fate would have it, they eventually found the thief who was simply walking away from the crime scene on the sidewalk as if nothing had happened. “So there he was [robber] now with a companion who looks much younger.”

“I said to myself 'I'll just ruse them with fear', and if they won't budge, I'll just defend myself if necessary” he added. Quite fortunately, the thieves handed over the cellular phone without any commotion. As for Arnel, we applaud his courage and initiative to help someone in need without hesitation. This is something our society needs these days.


*While we applaud Arnel for his actions, it is our responsibility to warn the public that actions such as these are strongly discouraged. Thieves may potentially be armed. Similar situations may not be resolved as peacefully as Arnel's. If you witness a simlar situation or if it happens to you, contact the concerned authorities, relay all that you have witnessed and let law enforcement do its job.

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