A motorcycle rider, onboard his motorcycle, ride pillion on another motorcycle.

Yesterday, we published a story about the Land Transportation Office (LTO) commenting on a viral social media post about unsafe loading done by a motorcycle rider and his pillion. What irked the LTO was the way the four full-size SUV tires were carried, by stacking them on the pillion rider like he was a pylon. The LTO, clearly not amused, said that such careless acts could pose a danger not only to them but also to the other road users. As such, the LTO classifies this as reckless driving, punishable by a large fine for the first offense, or even the revocation of the driver's license... forever... with a repeat offense.

This post, circulating also on social media shows a similar disregard for safe loading practices on a motorcycle. In the video, a man, at least with his helmet on, is seen astride his motorcycle. That's perfectly legal. Unfortunately, he is riding his motorcycle that is riding pillion. YES, riding pillion, on his motorcycle, on top of another motorcycle.

If performed within the controlled environment of a circus or stunt show, this amazing feat of balance would receive nothing but applause.

But since it was done on a public road, such an action, according to the LTO, can be considered as reckless driving with a PhP2,000.00 penalty for the first offense.

Even the driver of the motorcycle with the pillion who filmed the video was clearly seen riding without their helmets, as well as carrying two passengers on his motorcycle.

Reached for a comment, the LTO has said that they are already investigating the matter.