Márquez was the first to attempt and accomplish the feat using a MotoGP bike, and it took some preparation. Austrian ice speedway veteran Franky Zorn mounted large, 2-inch spikes on the RC213V’s tires. It took hundreds of them, 483 to be exact. "When you crash with a wheel like these the injury is not like a knife. It's more like the one from a chainsaw. It's very dangerous,” said Zorn.

Although famous for his impressive MotoGP career — the ultimate echelon of circuit riding — Márquez is no stranger to the slip-and-slide sensation of loose terrain. The young Spaniard is known to love a good flat track session, having won two Superprestigio invitational titles by drifting in the dirt even faster than some AMA Pros.

“It was really difficult to keep the bike under control, but I’m young and it’s good fun to try some crazy things! We enjoyed it and we could see after a few runs everything that was possible,” said Márquez. “The piste was really well prepared. I could really get going and I had a great feeling out there. The grip was unbelievable, even for a wheelie!” Watch the video closely and you’ll see what he meant.