Kawasaki Indonesia tests ZX-25R on dyno

By now, many of you have already heard about the upcoming Kawasaki ZX-25R. We were at its debut at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, showed you teaser after teaser, and even a video of the motorcycle on track.

Kawasaki ZX-25R tested on dyno image

Quite appropriately, because a lockdown has been imposed in many parts of the world, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia brings us a new teaser, this time from indoors.

Kawasaki ZX-25R tested on dyno image

Their staff have been busy preparing the new bike for its upcoming launch. They had some time to run it through the a dyno. Unfortunately, there are no new performance figures released just yet. We do know that it will produces anywhere between 45 to 60 hp, all while screaming at 17,000 rpm.

Thankfully, there’s video footage of the dyno test. While we still don’t know how much it actually produces, we can at least appreciate the sound it makes. Strapped to a dyno, the tester does not hesitate to run it to the rev limiter. You can even hear the point where the engine is bouncing against the limit.

Kawasaki Philippines has yet to confirm if we will be getting this model. We really hope so though. After all, Philippine motorcycle brands have been sourcing more and more motorcycles from Indonesia for local sales.