Tenere 700 gets retro look and livery

Fans of the 80s Paris-Dakar Rally and the iconic motorcycles that raced during that time will be drooling over this latest creation from Italian custom shop, Deus Ex Machina.

In stock form, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 is marketed as a Dakar-bred middleweight adventure motorcycle. Though when compared to other adventure bikes within its class — like KTM’s 790 Adventure R or BMW’s 850 GS — the Ténéré 700’s features be found lacking.

Perhaps the guys at Deus Ex Machina thought so too. And that might be way they decided to make in an actual 80s Dakar bike instead of something simply inspired by Dakar.

The Deus Ténéré features a large “camel” fuel tank, radiator guards, chain guide and protection; Acerbis brushguards and a wider handlebar. The suspension was also upgraded: the front gets 30mm more travel thanks to Andreani forks, while the rear gets an Öhlins monoshock.

Staying true to classic Paris-Dakar Rally motorcycles, the Deus Ténéré also comes equipped with an engine guard and toolbox. Both rubbers are adventure-spec Metzeler Karoos while the exhaust is from SC Racing.

The bodywork design was done by Camel Studio, while the hard labor was done by French motorcycle racer, Jean-Claude Moussé, who is also the one who presented the finished work at the recent Wheels & Waves Swank Rally in Magescq, France.

Interested to turn your Ténéré 700 into an 80s rally bike? The kit is for sale at Deus Ex Machina’s website.