Bubble Gang makes skit that parodies many e-bike users

If you’re a motorist, whether driving a car or riding a motorcycle, chances are that you may have encountered drivers of e-bikes that are hugging the middle of the road and worse, they suddenly turn (or make a U-turn) without using signals.

Also in many cases, some e-bike drivers park whenever and wherever they please – even if it impedes the flow of traffic.

In a recent skit by the comedy show Bubble Gang, Michael V. parodies and exaggerates the sad realities of (many) e-bike users here in the Philippines. In the skit, Michael V. acts as the instructor for a fictional “Kuya Wheels E-Bike Driving School.” He then teaches his students the “correct way” of how to be an e-bike driver.

Hindi natin kailangan ng rehistro. Hindi natin kailangan ng lisensya. Hindi natin kailangan ng helmet… At higit sa lahat, hindi natin kailangan sumunod sa batas trapiko!

(We don’t need [e-bike] registration. We don’t need a driver’s license. We don’t need [wear] a helmet… And most of all, we don’t need to follow traffic rules.)

Driver’s license is required for some types of e-bikes

In 2021, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) issued Administrative Order (AO) 2021-039 which is a consolidated guideline on the classification, registration and operation of all types of electric motor vehicles in the country.

Watch: Bubble Gang skit parodies sad reality of many e-bike users image

It also outlines what types of e-bikes are required to be registered and its drivers are required to have a valid driver’s license.

For example, the 3-wheeler e-bike, which is one of the most popular types of e-bikes that we see on the road and is capable of carrying more than 2 passengers, is categorized under L4 and L5. That said, these e-bikes or e-tricycles are required to be registered with the LTO and its driver must possess a valid driver’s license.

Watch: Bubble Gang skit parodies sad reality of many e-bike users image

To know more about the LTO policies on e-bikes, click here (AO 2021-039).