New Aprilia ad taps into childhood nostalgia

Chances are, as kids, we started out riding bicycles and dreamed of one day riding our own motorcycles. While some may still be working on that dream, many of us were lucky enough to make that dream a reality.

This recent ad from Italian brand, Aprilia, hopes many of us can relate. In it, a man gets a message just as he's leaving a club. The scene then flashes back to his childhood days where he's eagerly watching motorcycle races on TV. It then moves forward to his his first bicycle, and on to his teenage years with at a video game arcade. There, he meets a girl and they bond over a motorcycle racing game.

We won't spoil it for you, but you should know by now that that kid is now riding an Aprilia RS660.

I remember when I was a kid, I also started by riding my uncle’s bicycle, until was eventually given to me. During the Christmas season when I was a pre-teen and there were plenty of 20-peso bills from our generous ninongs and ninangs, me and my friends used to spend most of it at the arcade. One of our favorite games was GP Rider from Sega. One can’t miss this game, and the players control the bike in the game by leaning the bike of the machine.

We may not all have an Aprilia now. Some of us are on a scooter, an underbone, or a big adventure bike. Still, that dream of riding motorcycles had to start somewhere, and Aprilia got it spot on.