The 'Most powerful Vespa' arrives

Moto Italia, distributor of Vespa scooters here in the country, has launched 5 new models for the discerning scooteristas.

These five new models are GTS Touring, GTS SuperSport, and the top-of-the-line GTS SuperTech. Also unveiled were the Vespa S Carbon and the Vespa Sprint Carbon.


The Vespa GTS is one of the world's best-loved two-wheelers, taking up the baton from the legendary “Vespone”, the name given to those Vespas with a large, strictly steel body.

The big body of this Vespa, in its modern shape with an automatic transmission, was born in 2003, with the first arrival of the Vespa GT 125 and 200. The family of large Vespas then evolved with the arrival of the GTS 250 version, followed by engine capacities of up to 300 cc. The GTS then evolved to include the i-GET engine, offering 125 and 150cc engine capacity. In 2019, the entire GTS range has been further improved, with a series of updates to enhance performance, comfort, and style.

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The new Vespa GTS range now comprises of three versions: GTS SuperSport, GTS Touring, and the brand-new and modern Vespa GTS SuperTech, with a color TFT display that maximizes connectivity to a smartphone with the VESPA MIA system.

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There are three engine types; 150cc i-Get, 300cc Quasar, and the new 300cc HPE (High-Performance Engine, only for the GTS SuperTech). This engine is the fruit of the latest Piaggio Group engine technology research, which focuses on the creation of units that are increasingly advanced and efficient in terms of emissions and consumption. With the ability to deliver power in excess of 23-Hp, this is the most powerful engine ever seen on a Vespa.


The Vespa S Carbon has new aesthetic details which make it even more effervescent and sporty. There are two colors available: Black Vulcano and White Innocenza, both coming with outstanding carbon-look details. The more aggressive design of this version is also underlined by the black crest and by the red S stickers on the rims.

The black rims indeed complete the look with a refined yet sporty full black 5-spoke design: the 11” front is shod on a 110/70 tire, while the 10” rear wears a 120/70 tire, both are tubeless. To make the Vespa S safe in any conditions, the braking system uses a 200 mm diameter disc in front and a 110 mm drum in the rear.

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The Vespa S Carbon embodies the heritage of legendary models from the '70s, offering a trip down a charming memory lane. The lines express dynamic character and youth, with their clean and essential, but definitely spirited, sections. It is a Vespa that makes minimalist design its distinguishing feature in order to definitively win the approval of the youngest enthusiasts. The square headlight, the dynamic saddle and the fully-opened storage compartments in the back of the shield are the unmistakeable key features of the Vespa S, which go extremely well with the red color of the shock absorbers and the distinguishing instrument panel. It will be available with a 125cc powerplant.

With an entire steel body and details in the revolutionary carbon look, characterized by the sporty stickers, Vespa Sprint Carbon is born for those who want to live with more intensity. It is the Italian statement of design elegance and sporty performance, offering to the Vespa fans a journey of emotions and experience.

Vespa launches 5 new models image

Being heir to the tradition of vitality and youth of Vespa, the Sprint Carbon emphasizes the sporty style evoked by its name. Being enriched by advanced technological features such as the i-GET engine, ABS (Antilock Braking System), Immobilizer, USB port for easy charging of smartphones and electronic devices, the Vespa Sprint Carbon is designed to achieve the highest level of stability, handling, efficiency, and comfort. It will be available at 125cc and 155cc variants and 2 color options: Black Vulcano and White Innocenza.

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