Reminds sidewalks are for pedestrians, not for motorcycles

The City of Valenzuela reminded the public today, particularly the motorcycle riding public, that the “sidewalks are for pedestrians, not for motorcycles” on its official Facebook page. The city also intensified its campaign against such traffic violators and has deployed additional traffic enforcers to issue traffic citation tickets.

Velenzuela City cracks down on

“Please, for the safety of our commuters and pedestrians, huwag po ninyo itong gawing fast lane o alternative lane (do not use the sidewalk as a fast lane (to get past traffic congestion) or alternative lane,” said the city's Public Information Office (PIO).

While different cities and municipalities may have their own fines and penalties, the Land Transportation Office or the LTO has defined it as “driving in a place not intended for traffic,” and has a corresponding PhP1,000 fine. However, if the traffic enforcer had seen the erring motorcycle rider as “endangering the property or the safety or rights of any person,” this offense may be upgraded to “Reckless Driving,” and a corrseponding penalty of PhP2,000 for the first offense, up to PhP10,000 on the third and succeeding offenses, including revocation of driver's license.