Valenzuela will start penalizing drivers and riders who violate the bike lane on Jan. 3, 2022

Starting January 3, 2022 (next Monday), the City of Valenzuela will start penalizing those who continue to violate the city’s designated bicycle lanes along MacArthur Highway with harsher penalties.

According to the city’s Public Information Office, motorcycle riders, as well as drivers of other types of vehicles caught riding or driving along the bicycle lanes along the northbound and southbound stretch of MacArthur Highway will be fined PHP 500.00 – if a traffic enforcer catches the act of violation. This goes the same for those who are illegally parked on the bicycle lane.

In the event that there is no traffic enforcer, don’t be too complacent as Valenzuela City is one of the few cities here in the metro that has its own No-Contact Apprehension Program or NCAP, using CCTVs to catch traffic violators.

If caught through the city’s CCTVs, the penalty is higher, starting at PHP 2,000.00 for the first offense and the third and final offense would mean a PHP 3,000.00 penalty.

The only time a rider or a driver can drive on the bicycle lane is when turning right or when entering an establishment. For PUV drivers, they can only “step” on the bike lane when loading or unloading passengers at designated PUV stops.

As a motorcycle rider and considering how narrow the Valenzuela City stretch of MacArthur Highway is, do you think this is just fair for the safety of our fellow cyclists or is this too much, leaving no room for motorcycle riders to maneuver and beat the traffic?