Potential oil leak may be dangerous

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the U.S. has recently published a recall for certain Ducati 1199 and 1299 models. The models potentially affected by the recall are those with model years 2014-2018. These are the 1199 Superlegera, Panigale R V2, 1299 Superleggera, and the 1299 Final Edition.

The superbikes under this action are those manufactured between December 17, 2013, and November 20, 2018. So far, 651 Ducati superbikes are potentially affected by this recall.

Ducati issues recall for certain 1199 and 1299 models image

The company found that in some cases, an exceeding flow of engine oil could reach the airbox and possibly leak from the airbox drain, directly onto the rear wheel. Should there be a leak, oil dripping on the rear wheel is considered a safety hazard since the fluid can cause the tire to lose traction. While no incidents connected to this problem have been reported, in the most extreme cases, the models presenting a leak could lose grip which could ultimately lead to a loss of control or even a crash.

The manufacturer has until October 4, 2019, to warn the dealers of the recall while owners are expected to receive a letter at the end of October, beginning of November. The recall will officially begin on October 28. Owners of the affected units will be invited to make an appointment at their Ducati dealer where the system will be updated with a new blow-by valve kit which will keep the airbox drain from leaking oil.

For clarification, please contact your local Ducati dealer.