Retro scooter powered by Piaggio 300cc engine

Scooters are undoubtedly the most popular mode of transportation here in the Philippines, and there is no shortage when it comes to available models to choose from. The only thing is, these models usually range from 110 to 150 cc in displacements.

For those who want a bigger and more powerful scooter, there might be a new contender on the market that will bear the Bristol Motorcycles logo.

Upcoming Bristol 300cc scooter leaked image

Just recently, our friends from Bristol Motorcycles in Candon, Ilocos Sur, have shared on social media what seems to be an upcoming new scooter from the brand.

What we know so far

Upcoming Bristol 300cc scooter leaked image

Based on the leaked photos, the scooter looks to be a 300 cc model from German motorcycle manufacturer, Victoria Motorrad. Victoria Motorrad is a German motorcycle manufacturer from Nürnberg and traces its roots back to 1901.

Upcoming Bristol 300cc scooter leaked image

It features 1950s-inspired styling. It harks back to classic American cars that embraced the design movement and boast of rocket ship-inspired features like cone-shaped warheads and wings. Just like those cars, it even comes with an elaborate front grille. It has whitewall tires to match.

Despite the vintage styling, it comes with LED position lights, premium upholstery, front and rear disc brakes, and even an integrated rear rack.

Powering this 300 scooter is a Piaggio-designed 278 cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine. It churns out about 24 Ps of power and 23 Nm of torque – quite similar to the Vespa GTS 300. It's claimed to be capable of reaching speeds of more than 120 kilometers per hour. Its fuel tank capacity is 10.5 liters which should give it some respectable range.

Upcoming Bristol 300cc scooter leaked image

We've yet to find out if it will retain the Victoria Motorrad branding or bear the Bristol badge. Nonetheless, it's certainly good to see. We'll update you once we get more details.