Never enough 'Busas

Motorcycles these days in the 900 cc and above region are crazy fast. Most if not all of them have the ability to reach over 200 kilometers per hour. At one point in time, motorcycle manufacturers tried to push the envelope by producing motorcycles such as the Honda Blackbird 1100, Kawasaki ZX-14R and perhaps the most famous of them all, the Suzuki Hayabusa, with the latter two claiming to have a top speed of beyond 300 kilometers per hour.

Those hyper fast bikes may discontinued but the need for speed is far from quenched. UK-based Adrenaline junkie, Zef Eisenberg, has created probably the most powerful motorcycle that can be ridden legally on the road – the Eisenberg EV8.

This motorcycle is not powered by a car engine stuffed in a motorcycle body. Rather it is powered by two (yes, that's 2!) Suzuki Hayabusa engines fused together with a flatplane crankshaft. The result is a whopping 3.0L, 487 Ps (480 hp) V8 engine that could possibly produce more than 507 Ps (500 hp) if topped up with race fuel.

Despite its supercar power, Eisenberg claims that the EV8 only tips the scales at 291 kilograms to be ready for action. For comparison, a BMW R 1250 GS Adventure weighs in at 268 kilograms, while the Triumph Rocket III – with a 2.5L 3-cylinder engine – tips the scales at 362 kilograms.

2 Hayabusa engines in one motorcycle? Why not? imageEisenberg EV8

Eisenberg also claims that the EV8 has a maximum speed of 362 kilometers per hour. With all that speed and weight, a serious and capable braking system is needed. Twin Brembo 6-piston calipers grip the front discs while a Brembo 4-piston caliper takes care of the rear.

The EV8 will be sold in “very limited numbers” and the Zef Eisenberg's company, Eisenberg Racing, is now taking orders from interested clients. The price will be in the upper US$130,000 per bike (roughly PhP6.6M, plus taxes and duties).

hayabusa v8