Every Bonnevile from T100 to Speedmaster gets updates

The entire Bonneville lineup is new for 2021 as Triumph details significant updates for all the models in the family. The updates encompass the Bonneville T120, T120 Black, T100, Street Twin, Street Twin Gold, Bonneville Speedmaster, and Bonneville Bobber.

Bonneville T100

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The updates begin with the entry-level ‘Bonnie’ the T100. It gets a new 900cc high-torque twin engine, producing 10 PS more, now at 65 PS at 7,400 rpm and peak torqye at 80 Nm coming in as low as 3,750 rpm. It also meets Euro-5 emissions restrictions. This also brings the service interval to as long as 16,000-km.

Besides the engine, the T100 is now 4 kg lighter and is brought to a stop with newer Brembo 2-piston front calipers. Triumph has also upgraded its front forks. It’s aided by the latest generation of ABS and switchable traction control.

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The rider gets new instrument dials with an integrated multi-function display which can be configured through a handlebar button. Under the seat is a new USB slot for charging. The tail lamp is now full-LED.

Bonneville T120 and T120 Black

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Higher up the range is the T120, boasting of a new liquid-cooled 1200cc parallel twin engine. It now delivers 80 PS at 6,550 rpm and 105 Nm of peak torque at a very low 3500 rpm. Like the T100, it meets Euro-5 emissions and also has a service interval of 16,000-km.

This range boasts of an even greater 7 kg weight savings thanks to its new aluminum rims. It also gets upgraded Brembo front brakes, ABS and switchable traction control.

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Bonneville T120 Black

Rider convenience include cruise control now fitted as standard. It also comes with enhanced riding modes (Rain, Road) to better suit varying conditions. There’s also a torque assist clutch requiring less effort from the rider. Like the T100, it also has a USB socket under the seat. Its headlight now features an LED daytime running lamp.

This model gets a twin dial instrument panel setup  with a multi-functional digital display for riding mode settings, cruise control status, gear position indicator and much more, all controlled through the scroll button mounted on the handlebar.

Street Twin

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For a more modernized classic, the Street Twin offers 900cc parallel twin power with a host of new upgrades. Its engine produces 65 PS peak power at 7,500 rpm and with 80 Nm peak torque at 3,800 rpm. It’s managed by ride-by-wire throttle control. It gets the same set of upgrades: 16,000-km service interval and Euro-5 compliant.

The main improvement is the more comfortable bench seat, new 10mm thicker with a new foam mixture. It still maintains a low 765mm seat height.

Like its siblings, it gets a new high-specification Brembo front brake setup with single disc for great bite and feel, and a torque-assist clutch for light, easy operation. ABS and Switchable Traction Control are fitted as standard. Two riding modes are available – Rain and Road.

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The Street Twin comes with a single dial setup, composed of a classic analogue speedometer, and a digital display and menu system, which is accessed by a handlebar mounted scroll button.

Other features include an under-seat USB charger, key-fob incorporated immobilizer. Options like heated grips and a Tire Pressure Management System are easy to add with the wiring already fitted.

Street Twin Gold Limited Edition

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The Gold Limited edition features unique touches like a classic Triumph logo and hand-painted, gold lining. This model is limited to 1,000 units worldwide, each one coming with a certificate of authenticity personalized with the unique VIN number of the bike.

The Street Twin Gold Line limited edition comes with a stunning Matt Sapphire Black paint scheme with Triumph heritage logo and hand-painted gold lining. Custom details are extended also to the Street Twin’s wheels, with machined spoke detailing and exquisite gold pin striping, as well as the new side panel which includes a custom Street Twin logo.

Bonneville Speedmaster

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True to its name, the Speedmaster is the fastest of the line. It’s powered by a liquid-cooled 1200cc parallel twin. It makes 78 PS peak power at 6,100 rpm and peak torque of 106 Nm at a very low 3850rpm. It comes with ride-by-wire technology with two enhanced riding modes - ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’.  The exhaust system is unique to the Speedmaster, crafted to deliver a rich, deep and distinctive sound. It’s also Euro-5 compliant and designed for a 16,000-km service interval.

Keeping the Speedmaster aloft are 47mm Showa cartridge forks, which combined with the preload adjustable hidden monoshock rear suspension unit.

Stopping power is care of a high-performance Brembo braking setup with twin discs. It’s governed by ABS and switchable traction control.

It has a very low seat height of just 705mm with an even more comfortable twin-seat setup, with separate lumbar support and sculpted deep foam construction. The seat configuration can be easily switched between a twin or single seat setup.

A torque-assist clutch adds to comfort on long journeys or in heavy traffic and the cruise control, fitted as standard, is very easy and intuitive to use with single button operation.

It maintains the classic look with a round dial with LCD display is controlled via an easily accessible and intuitive handlebar mounted scroll button.

It boasts of full LED lighting (headlight, rear light, indicators and number plate light), with a distinctive LED daytime running light pattern.

Bonneville Bobber

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The last is the most rebellious of the children, Triumph’s stripped-back, elegant custom classic, the Bobber.

It’s powered by a 1200cc parallel twin. Peak power is 78 PS at 6,100 rpm and peak torque is 106 Nm at a low 4,000 rpm. Like all the Bonnies, it comes with ride-by-wire throttle with two enhanced riding modes - ‘Road’ and ‘Rain’.  It’s also Euro-5 compliant. It comes with a larger 12-liter fuel tank for longer range.

Unique to the Bobber is the twin airbox intakes under the seat. It’s paired with a straight-line exhaust pipe. Slash-cut, sawn-off peashooter silencers complete the picture for raw Bobber sound.

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Central to the Bobber’s authentic hard-tail look is the floating aluminum seat, with monoshock suspension and distinctive “swing-cage” swinging arm. The seat is sculpted for comfort, with a stitched deep foam pad. The seat height is only 690mm, making it an extremely accessible motorcycle to ride. It’s also adjustable and slides diagonally to suit the rider. The instruments are adjustable too, so they can be tailored to match.

The 2021 Bobber rides on a 16-inch fat front wheel and new, chunkier 47mm front forks. It has a wide wheel setup to match, rolling on wire-spoke black rims.

They’re brought to a stop by premium Brembo 2-piston calipers and twin discs in front. The rear disc is designed to look like a drum brake. They come with ABS and switchable traction control.

The rider gets a new dial with a multi-function display, controlled by an easily accessible handlebar mounted scroll button.

Triumph updates entire Bonneville line image

That was quite a lot but Triumph isn’t done yet. It hopes to reveal its 2021 Scramblers (1200 XC and XE) in April 2021.

Rest assured that these models will be offered by Triumph Philippines very soon.