Triumph JT Marketing Corporation opens its Honda flagship store

There’s a new Honda big bikes showroom north of Manila, and it’s right at the heart of the “Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines.” Just recently, Triumph JT Marketing Corporation opened its very own Honda flagship store in Caloocan City.

Triumph JT in Caloocan opens new Honda big bike store in Caloocan image

Launched in partnership with one of Honda Philippines’ fastest-growing and loyal dealers for over 20 years, Triumph JT Marketing Corporation, the new flagship store will offer the complete line-up of Honda motorcycles, power products, genuine spare parts, and more, including its latest big bike line up.

The new flagship store is situated in a 1000-square-meter showroom located at 311 Rizal Ave Ext, Grace Park West, Caloocan.

Triumph JT in Caloocan opens new Honda big bike store in Caloocan image

“Caloocan is an ideal location for a Honda flagship store, being bordered by Manila, Quezon City, Malabon, Navotas, and Valenzuela. Considered as one of the hot spots for growing commercial and industrial areas, it’s also home to the clusters of motorcycle dealers including spare parts and accessories stores,” says Susumu Mitsuishi, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) president.

“Our new Caloocan Flagship store will only make the area even more well-known as the place where customers can get the best in anything and everything about motorcycles and power products,” Mitsuishi added.

As a flagship store, the Caloocan branch will offer HPI’s coveted on-road sports models and big bikes. The list will include three newly launched models:  the All-New CB150X, the All-New CB500F, and the All-New, 2022 MY CBR650R. 

These and more models and products will be available in the Caloocan branch starting April 23, including quality services from highly-trained mechanics who will attend to power products, commuter bikes and big bikes separately.

Almost 60 years in the motorcycle industry 

As motorcycle enthusiasts, all of us are familiar with the name Triumph JT Marketing Corporation or more commonly known as  “Triumph”. The company was founded in 1966 and is considered one of the pioneers in the Philippine motorcycle industry.  The group has been touted for its complete offerings, most notably, Honda spare parts. 

Triumph JT in Caloocan opens new Honda big bike store in Caloocan image

“We are excited to open our flagship store here in Caloocan, the motorcycle trading capital of the Philippines!” says Jayson Te, Triumph JT Marketing Corporation president. “Everyone knows how much this project means to Triumph JT Marketing Corporation, especially since this has been my late father, Jose Te's dream. This would not have been made possible without everyone's unwavering support, and hard work, especially our relatives Edbert “Eddie” Lao and Debbie Lao Gonzales, who has been with us for three decades, as well as all the employees of Triumph JT Marketing Corporation,” added Te. 

The new Caloocan flagship store is open from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.