Trip Machine leather products can now be enjoyed by the Pinoy rider

For those who love to ride, a motorcycle is not just a mere conveyance. It is about personal expression. Adventure. A loyal steed with which to discover new places, experience different cultures, and to have a deeper understanding about oneself and his or her place in this world. The beauty of the ride is not just about the rider, the motorcycle, or the destination. It is everything.

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It is for these people that Trip Machine Company was born. More than just simple motorcycle accessories, Trip Machine is a line of premium, handcrafted products that transform one’s ride into a truly special experience. A line of lifestyle products that perfectly blends with the riding and non-riding culture.

Trip Machine uses the finest leather and the best artisans to craft exquisitely detailed products that will stand the test of time. In a time when automation is taking away the soul of manufactured products for everything from appliances to accessories, handcrafting brings back the art of motorcycling - Art that you can fully utilize and enjoy for many years to come.

The Story

Trip Machine was born in January 2016, but the seed was first planted in February 2015, during a ride (of course!). Siddharth Singh, their Chief Riding Officer, was riding on an old motorcycle in the heat of summer, and nobody could understand why he loved to ride. Siddharth knew then what he wanted.

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“The idea was simple, to make the world of motorcycles a beautiful place to ride. We started crafting gear the only way we knew, slow and immaculate with our hands. Gear that was forged with the old school mindset of build to last. Crafted to stay by your ride for years, collecting memories along the way.”, he says.

From that fateful day, he brought together friends who shared that same passion and vision, riding together and developing the products until Trip Machine was officially in business.

Today, Trip Machine has over three dozen products, all proudly handcrafted, and beautifully made to last for many years and thousands of miles.

The Products

Trip Machine has a full line of luggage to allow you to tour the countryside in style, from full-size panniers like the Outlander, Warrior, and Outlaw saddlebags, to the dual-purpose Rambler Backpack and the Classic Roll Top Backpack Pannier. The backpack pannier concept is an excellent way to ease your travel and commuting needs. Strap it onto your bike for the ride, then take it with you when you dismount. A neat and stylish way to get around!

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Need more space? Trip Machine’s line of duffel bags will swallow everything you need for a multi-day trip while being made of heavy-duty leather and featuring custom buckle mounts. Choose from the Leather Military Duffel (24 liters), Outlaw (50 liters), and Outlaw Rogue (70 liters).

Outlaw and Outlaw Rogue feature an efficient and expandable roll top, along with a top zipper, leather shoulder strap, custom mounts, and a rain cover. The Leather Military Duffel bag is inspired by the bag that was used by soldiers during WWII and features an easy access pocket and a leather shoulder strap. It can be locked for a secure fit and carried as cabin baggage.

Whichever duffel bag you choose, a wide selection of colors allows you to perfectly match it with your ride.

But riding also means you need storage for personal items within easy reach. Trip Machine’s Tank Pouch attaches to your bike so you can quickly reach for your phone, wallet, and other small items, but off the bike, you then hook it to your belt. Six powerful magnets secure it to your fuel tank.

If you need more storage, then the Tank & Tail Bag is what you’re looking for. With a carrying capacity of 4.4 liters, it lets you carry even more personal items. A zipper secures the main compartment, and it can also be mounted on the pillion seat or rear fender using custom-made mounts.

Now, what if you just want to have easy access to your phone? The Trip Machine Phone Pouch comes with multiple mobile phone-friendly magnets that secure it to your fuel tank. The pouch is touch-screen compatible and comes with perforations at the back for ventilation. The Phone Pouch can also be strapped on top of the Tank Pouch and used for navigating during a road trip.

Trip Machine also has many other storage solutions for your ride, ranging from small panniers to wingman side panel bags and thigh bags.

Boots are an essential part of riding gear. Trip Machine’s Moc-Toe is a beautiful rendition of this classic footwear, featuring abrasion-resistant, heavy-duty buff leather with an anti-skid sole. Moc-Toe offers 3-point protection, using 1.8mm reinforced molds for the ankle, heel, and toe of the boot. Available in Black and Tobacco Brown. Available slip-on shoe protectors also help to prevent damage to the shoe from repeated scuffing with the shifter.

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Beyond luggage and footwear, Trip Machine also has a wide selection of leather handcrafted grips, wraps, wallets, belts, and even headlight Xs to transform your ride. These are also available in various colors to perfectly match your tastes.

Where to Buy
Trip Machine is available across five continents and has over 40 retailers all over the world. Exclusively Distributed in the Philippines by True North Motorcycle Trading, Trip Machine products are currently available in N Lifestyle by New Nemar (Batangas), Perea Moto District (Makati), and Moto x Culture (Quezon City) with more showrooms scheduled to open within the year.