Honda files patent for 750cc adventure bike

Rumors that a middleweight adventure bike from Honda will be out soon, especially since these sub 1-liter ADV bikes have made a comeback and are very popular with enthusiasts. When Honda revived the Hornet over a week ago (which is now powered by a parallel twin 750cc engine), an adventure bike that uses the same platform is expected to come out soon.

Transalp revival?

In the same week, as the CB750 Hornet was released, Honda was also busy filing for a patent on what is clearly intended for their upcoming middleweight adventure bike.


Is Honda developing a CB750X that will bear the name Transalp? image

While there isn’t much detail to digest in the patents filed by Honda, the drawings suggest body styling comparable to the CB500X, while the front may utilize 21-inch wheels and the rear 18-inch wheels.

The drawing also suggests a 20-liter fuel tank, large windscreen, and long-travel inverted forks. For now, it is not clear whether Honda will use the Transalp badge or just go with the “CB750X” nameplate. Let’s just wait and see next month at the 2022 EICMA where Honda is expected to unveil their latest creations.

Honda XL “Transalp”

For those who are not familiar, the Transalp was a series of middleweight adventure bikes from Honda. First produced in 1987, the Transalp has one of the longest continuous production runs of any Honda motorcycle that lasted 25 years. The Transalp was produced in various models and sizes starting from the XL400V, XL600L, XL650V, and XL700V. The Transalp with its V-twin engine configuration was arguably one of the first “true” adventure bikes during its era.