Tom Cruise and Honda CRF450 in latest Mission: Impossible stunt

Fans of actor Tom Cruise are up for another thrill as footage from the set of the upcoming Mission: Impossible film show the actor flying through the air.

As has now become a trademark, the movie invovles numerous car and motorcycle stunts. For the the latest installment in the Mission: Impossible (MI) franchise, Cruise takes it to literally new heights.

In this latest clip from YouTube channel, Asad Empire, we get a glimpse of the stunt being filmed for the movie. Cruise, known for insisting on doing his own stunts, is seen riding what appears to be a Honda CRF 450 dirt bike along a long, elevated ramp. The ramps appears to be built specifically built for the scene. He's followed by a drone all throughout, even after he jumps off the ramp and off the motorbike, immediately shifting to a superman pose, as if skydiving.

FMX inspiration

In freestyle motocross (FMX), this trick is called the no-hands superman. However, it is rarely attempted and difficult to do. After letting go of the bike and getting into a superman pose, riders still need to grab the bike again and sit back upright in order to land after. The trick is only counted upon successfully landing. Failing to do so usually results in broken bones.

Of course, Cruise, along with the CRF, are rigged up with cables for safety, catching the actor and bike and slowing their fall after the jump.

We can only guess how this stunt will look like in the movie, once edited together with other action sequences. If the past is any indication, Cruise's character is likely in pursuit of a moving vehicle carrying either the main villain or a dangerous weapon. This stunt is likely the fastest way for his character, Ethan Hunt, to board the vehicle and foil the villain's plans.