New bore kit to power your XRM

Pinoy motorcycle riders love to customize their rides aesthetically to express their personality. For others, they express their personality by upgrading their motorcycle’s engine to gain more power and speed.

If you are an owner of a Honda XRM 125 and love speed, for PHP 36,000, you can upgrade your engine’s performance thanks to this bore-up kit from Japan’s Kitaco.

This PHP36K bore kit will turn your XRM125 to a 181cc monster image

This bore-up kit was originally intended for the CT125 Hunter Cub available abroad, but since both the CT125 and the XRM 125 uses the same fuel-injected engine, it should be just plug-and-play as well for the latter.

The bore-up kit is complete with a cast aluminum cylinder, i-map injection controller, O2 sensor feedback canceler, oil cooler, and all the piston rings and gaskets to complete the upgrade.

High camshaft and larger fuel injectors are unfortunately not included in the kit and are sold separately.

This PHP36K bore kit will turn your XRM125 to a 181cc monster image

The bore-up kit is available in two options: the 164cc kit for JPY 85,800 (about PHP 35,000) and the 181cc kit for JPY 88,000 (about PHP 36,000). These kits can be purchased online and shipping fees may vary.

Would you upgrade your XRM’s displacement by using this kit from Kitaco or would you just buy a higher-displacement motorcycle?