Crochet your own muffler

The Yamaha YZF-R1M may be inaccessible to most riders, but Yamaha is offering a way to get parts of it more easily. In the past, we’ve shown an R1M facemask, a Niken crochet project, and even pistons from an SR you can make with needlework.

This motorcycle muffler is legal even in Manila image

The latest from the creative minds of Yamaha’s crafts division is a crochet R1M muffler muffler. Yes, it’s a muffler (for keeping warm) in the shape of a muffler (exhaust system). It’s a pun on multiple levels.

While the weather in most of the Philippines usually doesn’t require mufflers, it might come in handy should you decide to take a road trip to Tagaytay, Baguio, or Sagada.

The project includes a pattern to create the full exhaust system from the R1m, from the headers all the way to the silencer at the end. It even has a catalytic converter. It’s not just for show. That catalytic convers features a pouch you can close with zippers to keep your gloves, a cellphone, or maybe even the R1M face mask if you’ve managed to make it.

This motorcycle muffler is legal even in Manila image

If you’re new to the craft, don’t worry. The Yamaha website offers step by step instructions and videos on how to get started, the materials you’ll need, and even the specific colors of yarn required for the project.

Perhaps the most hilarious part about this is that it comes with a warning. Yamaha advises not to wear the R1M muffler muffler when riding any motorized vehicle. After all, this long garment can easily get stuck in the chain, wheel spokes or any moving part and possibly injure the wearer.

To see the instructions, click the link HERE.  We guarantee, this muffler is 100% legal everywhere in the Philippines, even in Manila City.