China has built its own 'Z1000'

In the past, we’ve featured stories about some of China’s motorcycles that have taken a lot of inspiration from established brands. Some of these include the ADV150-inspired Dayang 150 and 350; the Duke-inspired NK 125, and the 500cc Panigale-inspired Moxiao 500RR.

There's another one drawing a little too much influence from the original. It's the Kawasaki Z1000-inspired Dayun DY 300-2F, also called the Chi 302.

302cc Z1000

The Dayun Chi 302 (if Google translate is correct) has design cues that are obviously taken from the Kawasaki Z1000. From the alien-like headlight, to the 15-liter muscular tank down to the tail, it all exudes the “sugomi” from which the original Z1000 was inspired. If that's not enough, it even comes in a shade of green.

Sadly, it's only styling that's copied. At the heart of the Chi 302 is a 285cc parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine that produces about 30 Ps of power and 27 Nm of torque. Top speed is claimed to reach 135 kilometers per hour.

The Chi 302’s fuel economy, however, is claimed to reach up to 28 kilometers per liter, under certain conditions, of course. That's pretty terrible for a 300cc. Most engines that size are at least able to average 30 km/L.

As for the features, the Dayun Chi 302 has full-LED lighting, sporty split-style seats, a fully-digital instrument cluster, dual front disc brakes, preload-adjustable inverted forks, and sporty exhaust tip.

If this were sold here at a very attractive price, would you get this or a similar displacement motorcycle from an already established Japanese brand?