Test ride a BMW S 1000 RR virtually

Test rides of new motorcycles rarely give you a real feel for a new motorcycle. After all, these short rides (usually around a block) are too short to show you everything a bike is capable of, particularly when it comes to performance.

Thankfully, BMW Motorrad has a way of showing customers exactly what their high performance models are capable of, thanks to a new technology. Just deployed at RSA Motors BMW Libis is a new simulator that lets customers truly push their bikes to the limit, all without leaving the shorwoom.

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This is possible with their new Icaros R simulator, which gives riders the exciting feeling of leaning a motorcycle at top speed.

The simulator is built by German-based company, Icaros, which specializes in creating modern exercise equipment that makes healthy activities much more engaging.

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The device features a saddle shaped like motorcycle, complete with handlebars and footpegs. It sits on a curved glidetrack that allows the rider to lean into turns. A screen is mounted just ahead of the handlebars to show the rider the road ahead as well as instrument readouts. The built-in propriety software includes a motorcycle game that helps simulate the feeling of riding.

Use of the simulator is free for all BMW Motorrad customers, whether they’re just browsing for a bike or waiting for their unit to be serviced. For now, it’s only at RSA Motors BMW Libis.

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The Icaros R simulator was first showcased at the 2018 BMW Motorrad Days. For those unfamiliar, the Motorrad Days is a major event in Europe that brings together BMW Motorrad riders for several days of exciting activities. Unfortunately, the event has been postponed over the past couple of years due to the pandemic.

Thankfully, BMW Motorrad Philippines has decided to bring a piece of Motorrad days to the country.

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If you want to get your own motorcycle simulation platform, you’ll have to fork over quite a significan amount of cash. The Icaros R is compatible with VR headsets like the Oculus Rift or can be used with a TV screen. It needs quite a bit of space as well as a computer (not included) to run the software. The Icaros R alone costs PhP470,000, excluding tax and shipping.

If you want our advice, simply drop by RSA Motors BMW Libis and try it for free.