Damon Motorcycles created a 200hp electric motorcycle

Here in the Philippines, when people talk about an electric-powered motorcycle, what comes to mind are the lane-hugging, slow-moving 3-wheeler e-bikes that are mostly being used by middle-aged women when running their daily errands.

So much so that even electric kick scooters, as well as other electric-powered personal mobility devices, are also commonly called e-bikes.

In other countries, they’re way more complicated and advanced that their “e-bikes” can actually reach more than 100 kilometers per hour and have a longer battery range. Damon Motorcycles – a Canadian company that specializes in EVs, has recently unveiled the HyperSport electric motorcycle and has claimed that it can reach a whopping 274 kilometers per hour top speed complemented by 233 kilometers of battery range.


The HyperSport “e-bike”, which was first presented in the Consumer Electric Show (CES) in Las Vegas two years ago, will be ready for production and is said to be available in three trims.

The first two trims, the Colossus and Unlimited 20 will both feature a 20-kilowatt battery pack which should propel its electric motor up to a claimed 200 horsepower, 274 kilometers per hour top speed, and range of up to 233 kilometers. In addition, the Colossus will have top-shelf farkles such as Brembo brakes, Ohlins suspension, and a Ducati-inspired single-sided swingarm. The SRP for the Colossus will be US$ 35,000 – which is US$ 5,000 more expensive than the 2022 MY Ducati Panigale V4 S.

The third trim, the Unlimited 15, is the trimmed down version featuring a 15-kilowatt battery pack and a claimed 150 horsepower electric motor.

All models will be equipped with Damon’s patented Co-Pilot 360-degree safety technology. This technology is some sort of AI that “constantly learns” and will alert the rider of any hazardous movements to make riding safer, as well as enable the rider to electronically adjust the bike’s ergonomics.

So what gets your vote, this “e-bike” or the Panigale V4 S?