New gadget upgrades new tech into your motorcycle

Not too long ago, motorcycles were as basic as they rolled out from the production line: no TFT screens, no Bluetooth connectivity, no GPS, etc. But now, newer motorcycle models have all those mentioned as standard features and are even equipped with radar that detects the vehicle on the front and rear of the rider. Of course, these “smart motorcycles” don’t come cheap, and are often priced at more than a million pesos.

Thanks to this new gadget from HitchPro Philippines, you can now turn your old but reliable motorcycle (including scooters and underbones) into a smart motorcycle.

Chigee Smart Riding System

Present at the recently held Philippine Moto Heritage Weekend, our good friend and HitchPro Philippines’ head honcho, Joma Manas, explained to how this new gadget could change the way you ride your motorcycle.

This Chigee system will turn your motorcycle into a smart motorcycle image

According to Joma, the new Chigee Smart Riding System combines all the latest in electronic riding aids found in modern motorcycles into one gadget. For example, Chigee’s AIO-5 Lite is equipped with both front and rear cameras to record your riding, much like a car’s dashcam. Not only that, the AIO-5’s system will also use these cameras to recognize vehicles in the motorcycle’s blind spot and warn the rider of the possible danger.

The gadget is also equipped with a GPS navigation system, trip statistics, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), music, and many more. You can also pair your mobile phone to this device – which is similar to the TFT panel found on new flagship motorcycle models – and manage calls or messages without exposing your phone to the elements.

This Chigee system will turn your motorcycle into a smart motorcycle image

For the combo kit, which includes the wire harness, mount, and TPMS, the AIO-5 Lite retails PHP 28,500. For more information, visit HitchPro Philippines in Makati or