Yamaha X-Ride updated in Indonesia

Though it’s no longer offered, Honda’s Zoomer-X has a dedicated set of fans. Intended to be a more modern Ruckus, the Zoomer-X features unapologetically angular styling and stacked headlights.

Locally, Yamaha may not have a direct competitor for it, but it certainly offers many Mio versions to make up for it. In Indonesia, however, the Zoomer-X might be big enough threat for Yamaha to create a direct competitor for it: the X-Ride.

The X-Ride is Yamaha’s answer to the Honda Zoomer-X image

The X-Ride has been offered in Indonesia for a while, but the newest version brings the fight closer with its stacked headlights, bright colors with camouflage livery, and even marketing, promoting it as a somewhat off-road capable scooter.

Have a good look at the X-Ride and you’ll notice a lot of details very similar to the Zoomer-X. There’s the vertical headlights, the clamshell style instrument cluster, and the single-sided swingarm.

The X-Ride is Yamaha’s answer to the Honda Zoomer-X image

Yamaha seems to have addressed some complaints as well, like offering a lower handlebar, completely sealing the underseat storage, and even adding an answer back system.

The X-Ride is powered by a 125cc, air-cooled, fuel-injected SOHC engine that produces 9.5PS at 8,000 rpm and 9.6 Nm at 5,500rpm.

Of course, with more robust and rugged models like the ADV150, and more scooter models in the form of the Click and Airblade, the Zoomer-X is hardly missed these days.

Still, would the X-Ride be a hit in the Philippines if it was ever offered locally?