Honda Indonesia launches the CB150 Verza

We love our pantras and they continue to serve an indespensable role in our lives. However, given the heavy duty roles they need to fulfill, they could certainly use a more powerful and more rugged engine... like from an enduro bike. 

Ever imagined what it would be like if Honda did give a pantra an enduro bike's engine, like that on the CRF 150L? You get something like the CB150 Verza.

Astra-Honda Indonesia, probably Southeast Asia’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles, recently introduced a simpler, more rugged version of the CB150R by going back to basics.

Honda puts CRF150L engine on a ‘pantra’ image

The CB150 Verza is powered by the same 149.15cc air-cooled SOHC engine found on the CRF 150L. But instead of offering an upside-down fork, the new CB150 Verza is equipped with a conventional telescopic fork for the front, while the rear gets a pair of preload-adjustable shock absorbers.

A front disc brake with a two-piston caliper is standard, while the rear is a drum brake.

For cost-effective manufacturing, Honda equipped the CB150 Verza with a simple tubular steel frame and a single-piece seat which will be shared by the rider and pillion.

Honda puts CRF150L engine on a ‘pantra’ image

The headlight is also traditional, with its 55-watt halogen bulb, non-LED brake and signal lights, and a simple LCD instrument panel.

The new Honda CB150 Verza is available in 17-inch cast wheels at IDR 20,945,000 (PhP 70,000) or 17-inch wire wheels at IDR 20,290,000 (PhP 68,000, PH taxes and duties not included).

The CB150 Verza reminds us of Yamaha’s YBR 125, which many believe to have the same engine as the XTZ 125.