Suzuki's Raider FI and Skydrive Sport show prowess on track

Team Suzuki dominated the midway round of the Super Series Nationwide Championship by bringing home six trophies and five championship titles at the Davao GP, coupled with an outstanding turnout of its one make races – the Skydrive Sport Cup and Raider Breed Wars. 

Team Suzuki-VMan Racing

Team Suzuki-VMan Racing rider, April King Mascardo, returned to Davao with a vengeance by taking not just one, but three championship titles at the recently held Super Series Nationwide Championship-Davao GP. After his failed attempt in sealing a podium win last year on his home ground, Mascardo ensured that his comeback would be big. The Davaoeño rider’s confidence in the practice and qualifying session was so evident that he was able to secure all of the pole positions in the races he entered: the Super Underbone Sealed Engine, the Super Underbone Open and the Super Scooter Sealed Engine categories.

Also, Mascardo even improved on his best lap time of 24.489 from the qualifying session to 24.402 in the final race of the Super Underbone Sealed Engine category using the powerful Raider R150 Fi. Mascardo led by getting a holeshot, breaking away from the pack and then maintaining his race pace until the last lap. His succeeding races seemed like a replay of his first race performance, bringing the crowd to their feet every time he crossed the finish line.

Team Suzuki-VMan Racing victorious at Davao GP image

The same scenario played out with Rmand Salandanan, who was also a consistent topper at the Skydrive Sport Cup, securing  pole position and championship title in the category at Davao GP. The Regional Underbone Grand Prix (RUGP), running exclusively in Visayas and Mindanao with Novice/Intermediate classes was also claimed by Roel Rubin and Djereck Ondillo in their Raider R150 Fis who finished as first and second runner-up, respectively. Nikko Nambatac, on the other hand, took home the third spot at the Raider Breed Wars – Raider R150 FI, while the rest of the team showed an overall good performance with their respective bikes.

Team Suzuki-VMan Racing victorious at Davao GP image

The Skydrive Sport Cup and Raider Breed Wars

The enthusiastic crowd of Davao was as equally intense as the rich pool of riders who participated at the Skydrive Sport Cup and Raider Breed Wars. Registrants of the Suzuki Skydrive Sport Cup easily got a good grip of the beginner’s bike making it a perfect companion for rookie and novice riders. It was the top rankers Rmand Salandan (champion), Polo Arellano (first runner-up), and Deo Pondoc (third runner-up) again who emerged victorious during the race.

An all-ladies category for the Suzuki Skydrive Sport Cup also ran for the first time to give young female riders a chance to experience the new fashion scooter on the racetrack. Grabbing the podium in this class were Yna Marie Enriquez (champion), Angelie Sala (first runner-up), and Richelle Del Rosario (second runner-up).

Team Suzuki-VMan Racing victorious at Davao GP image

Meanwhile, the power and performance of the Raider R150 Fi was showcased once again in Mindanao with the following winners: Polo Arellano (Champion), Deo Pondoc (first runner-up), and Nikko Nambatac (second runner-up). The Skydrive Sport Cup and Raider Breed Wars are powered by Racing Boy and Pirelli.

Team Suzuki will head back to the racing arena at the Bacolod GP on the 4th Round of Super Series Nationwide Championship on July 14.