Suzuki's new models cover sport, scooter, and off-road segments

On the heels of its launch of the new V-Strom 1050 XT, Suzuki has another launch for this year; this time with four new bikes.

Based on teasers posted on social media, the Calamaba-based manufacturer will be unveiling four new models live on its Facebook page.

Naturally, Suzuki hasn’t quite revealed which models they are specificially. However, based on their silhouettes, it’s possible to make educated guesses. These are a naked sport bike, a fully-faired sport bike, a maxi-scooter model, and an off-road oriented scooter.

How did we come about these guesses? The clues are in the individual posts.

Suzuki launching 4 new models tomorrow image

For the off-road scooter, Suzuki calls it a “ride that lets you go beyond the trend,” and is “flexible and reliable.” Based on the silhouette, it’s evident that this scooter has larger than average wheels and tires allowing it to take on tougher terrain. Think of it as something like the Raider J crossover, but with an automatic transmission.

Suzuki launching 4 new models tomorrow image

For the sport bikes products, these are already offered abroad.  With the clue, “rides born of greatness,” it’s clear that they inherit some heritage from Suzuki’s expertise with sport bikes. In fact, we’ve covered their launch before.

Suzuki launching 4 new models tomorrow image

As for the maxi-scooter, Suzuki currently only has one maxi-scooter in its lineup. Currently, it’s price may be prohibitively expensive for some. Thankfully, Suzuki Philippines has decided to offer its "baby" version, based on the clue, “the maxi scooter you can afford.”

We can’t quite tell you what they are just yet. What can assure you of is that they are familiar names to the Filipino buyer, with some models already sold in markets abroad. You’ll just have to tune in to Suzuki’s launch tomorrow at 7:00 PM on its official Facebook page to find out.

Rest assured that we’ll have articles covering their specs and features in detail immediately after.