Candy Jackal Green now available

Suzuki adds a new color to the lineup of its popular underbone motorcycle, the Smash, called Candy Jackal Green.

This fresh new hue adds a radiant alternative to the Smash's already vibrant color options. Candy Jackal Green is a unique mix of blue and green designed to exude the calmness of blue and the growth that is represented by green. It also complements the chill vibe and go-getter personality of the young Filipino riders of the Smash.

The Suzuki Smash is considered the Most Preferred Underbone Leisure Motorcycle in the country with its proven reliability over the years (based on MDPPA's 2018 data). First introduced in 2002 as the Smash 110, it was relaunched with a larger 115cc engine in 2010, since becoming a choice mode of transport of Filipino riders, from beginners to enthusiasts alike, looking for a practical ride.

The Suzuki Smash is equipped with a four-stroke 115cc carburetor engine. It has eco-friendly features like the Pulse Secondary Air Injection System (PAIR) which injects fresh air to help ignite unburned gases in the exhaust port, a large 100mm body diameter muffler which enhances performance while keeping noise low, and a large oxidation catalizer which reduces emission of harmful gases.

The Smash is built with a diamond-type chassis with key specifications like a 26-degree caster angle, 64 mm trail and 1,240 mm wheelbase to deliver a combination of smooth handling and comfortable straight-line running in various riding conditions.

Suzuki offers new color for 2019 Smash 115 image

Besides the new Candy Jackal Green, the Smash also comes in a wide array of stylish colors like pink, violet, black, matte black, red and yellow. The Smash (front drum, rear drum) is offered at an SRP of PhP 58,400. The Smash (front disc, rear drum) comes with a choice of exclusive blue and matte gray colors at an SRP of PhP 61,400.

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