Suzuki may discontinue the GSX-R1000 in EU due to emissions cap

It was 2017 when Suzuki last updated their flagship GSX-R1000. Unfortunately, the “Gixxer” as many would call it, hasn’t been updated ever since and is no longer Euro5 compliant.

While Suzuki has updated the V-Strom in 2020, the Hayabusa, GSX-S1000, and GSX-S1000GT last year, the pride and joy of Hamamatsu, the GSX-R1000, was spared. As for the European market, it required new motorcycles to be Euro5 compliant by January of 2020, but it also gave manufacturers an extra year to homologate existing models to the latest standards.

While it’s already two years since the deadline for Euro5 compliance, the GSX-R1000 remained in European showrooms simply because Suzuki filed for an End of Series extension, which allowed them to sell the bike for an additional 2 years.

With less than six months to 2023, Suzuki seems to have no plans on updating the GSX-R1000 to comply with the new EU standards and all unsold units will likely be withdrawn from the showrooms.

In fact, two months ago, the company announced that it will pull out from MotoGP and Endurance World Racing (EWR) by the end of this year to refocus its resources on developing sustainable technologies for its future models.

If there’s any good news to this, the Philippine market has yet to adopt Euro5 and companies like Suzuki can still sell the GSX-R1000 here for the enjoyment of Pinoy riders.