Diet liter bike

Not quite ready to take on a liter bike? Suzuki has just unveiled a toned-down version of the GSX-S1000, and it is targeted mainly at young motorcycle riders who are kind of new to riding in general.

The new GSX-S950 (available in Europe in August of this year) packs the same 999cc engine of the GSX-S1000 but produces a little more than half the power. It was detuned down to only 96 Ps. It was designed this way to be accessible to A2 license holders (restricted to motorcycles with not more than 49 Ps) in Europe. In fact, it can further be toned down 49 Ps, presumably, as part of the ride modes available with just a flick of a switch.

What’s good about this bike is that it shares a lot of components with its 157 Ps GSX-S1000 sibling. It's also equipped with full-LED lighting, ride-by-wire throttle, and a slip and assist clutch with low RPM assist. It's built on a twin-spar aluminum frame, GSX-R1000R inspired swing arm and rear shock absorber.

The letdown is the cheaper 43mm KYB front fork, Tokiko (as opposed to high-end Brembos) brakes, and a tube-type handlebar similar to those found in Suzuki’s pantra motorcycles.

The new GSX-S950 will be available in white and red; matte black and metallic triton blue. All GSX-S950 bikes will don a distinct “950” logo on their radiator shroud. The price has yet to be determined.