New Avenis 125 put to test by Suzuki moto club presidents

Not too long ago, moto media and vloggers expressed their happiness after riding the new Suzuki Avenis 125 scooter. Now, let’s hear what these club presidents from different Suzuki motorcycle clubs have to say about the new Avenis.

Suzuki Avenis surprises all of its capability and ride comfort

The Suzuki Avenis ride gathered different Suzuki Club presidents for a promised 220-kilometer ride from Laguna-Tagaytay-Batangas and back, to put this latest and much talked about scooter to the test.

Suzuki Club presidents impressed with the new Avenis image

The long ride brought them to the scenic Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort. It showcased the Avenis’ Suzuki Eco Performance, all- Aluminum, 125cc Fuel Injection engine, and surprised everyone with how this technology took the participants through Southern roads on just one liter of gas as it rode through various terrain, road and weather conditions.  

“The objective of this drive is to validate the test that we did on our new Avenis. We have received our official numbers coming from Suzuki Global that says the fuel efficiency of the Avenis is 54 kilometers per liter which we were actually able to validate through our own studies and is also echoed by our friends here who joined us at this ride,” says Nenuka Guba, Motorcycle Marketing Manager of Suzuki Philippines Incorporated.

Suzuki Club presidents impressed with the new Avenis image

The riders also experienced the safety and comfort features of the Avenis and made them say the bike did not tire them at all and kept the journey enjoyable.

Yung Avenis less stress, madali siya gamitin. Malakas ang hatak niya! For sure magugustuhan ito ng mga commuters,” said Tristan Simeon, President of Thunder Rider Organization of the Philippines. Simeon incidentally got the most mileage of his fuel expense when he finished the distance with an average of 56.1 kilometers per liter.

He was closely followed by Opalyn Canlas, Club Officer of Suzuki NEX Club Riders after she averaged 55.3 kilometers per liter. 

Super gaan niyang i-drive. Sakto ‘yung height niya. Malapad ang upuan hindi, ka mahihirapan pag- long drive. Very convenient niya gamitin,” she added. 

Even concerns for how the Avenis would fare on an ascent, downhill slope, curve and long flat road were set aside after the riders completed the long but equally relaxing drive.

Perfect po yung Avenis since nagtataas ang mga gasolina. Sobrang tipid niyang gamitin. May power siya, may comfort, sa style niya very masculine and high tech. Kumbaga lahatng kailangan sa dashboard andoon na. Wala ka nang hahanapin pa,” said Dionisio Aguinaldo lll, President of Suzuki Hayate Club Philippines.

Suzuki Club presidents impressed with the new Avenis image

“Having a scooter is really a great way of saving on travel time and making the most of every activity at your destination. But owning an Avenis, will prove to be an even better choice for the fuel efficiency and comfort this bike will bring you,” added Ms. Guba. 

A day well-spent with Suzuki Avenis

The participants on the trip were able to reconnect after isolating themselves from each other for some time because of the pandemic and enjoyed renewing friendships and starting new ones on this trip. 

Suzuki Club presidents impressed with the new Avenis image

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